Jewelry Info

About My Jewelry Pieces

As an avid rock and ice climber, I'm drawn to unusual and interesting stones and fossils. The pieces I use in my work come from various sources. Sometimes I purchase beautifully cut and polished pieces from several different reputable resources. But I also love and purchase rough and unpolished pieces. I have also found many beautiful rocks while out climbing and hiking. 

All my leather jewelry is produced from the leather byproducts of USA's dairy and beef industries. All my antler jewelry is produced from USA, naturally shed Elk or Deer antlers. Genuine Turquoise is used in making my jewelry pieces. I only source turquoise from USA turquoise mines. 

All earring hooks are either Niobium or Sterling Silver earring wire. I use earring wires are made of TierraCast Niobium. Niobium is a good alternative to those with metal allergies. These Niobium French Style earring hooks are hypoallergenic and naturally nickel-free, so they are safe for someone who is allergic to jewelry with nickel, copper, or other base metals and alloys. Most people with metal allergies can wear them without irritation. Niobium earring wires are also corrosion and scratch-resistant.

I make all my rope bracelets and necklaces with Accessory Cords by the Sterling Rope company. For several years now I have been using climbing ropes from the Sterling Rope company. As a climber, my most trusted and strongest pieces of climbing equipment are my ropes. Sterling Ropes are of high quality and you can trust that the quality used in their climbing ropes are also used for their accessory cords.